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2 Days | Anka Zhuravleva Arts Workshop in The Netherlands | 22 & 23 September 2018


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Workshop by Anka Zhuravleva arts in The Netherlands
22-23 of September
Everything about #fineart in two days and inspiring for every photographers level.

Be inspired by photographers portfolio:
1. https://www.facebook.com/ankazhuravlevaphotography/
2. https://www.instagram.com/anka_zhuravleva_arts/

Exact times and exact location for shooting practice will be announced by email or on the first day of the workshop.
Meetup and retouch location: cafeobscura

Goals of the workshop

1. Learn to see the beauty of women and the surrounding beauty through the prism of your own inner world and aesthetic perception
2. See the aesthetics of form and content in harmony, be able to transmit it with the help of light and color
3. Learn alternative methods of photography, be able to break common methods and techniques and create your own ones.
4. Find your own style and become different from others
5. Get beautiful and unique images for your portfolio as a photographer
6. Learn to process photos quickly, beautifully and non-standardly
7. Get a lot of positive emotions while communicating with other photographers, enjoy the beauty of models.

First day

– Meet up with koffie and cookies at the studio cafeobscura. Getting to know each other. Let the group know what you want to learn during the workshop.

-Anka will tell us about her vision in photography, preparation and process with examples on her photos.
– Details and important moments. Theory from A to Z from idea to final result.
– Dive into the fantasy, idea development, preparation processes, selection of proper camera, psychological aspects while working with model, looking for ascents, selection of clothing and props, locations, harmony of all mentioned above.
– Making of a story from the real start. Scenario, sketches, “brain storm”.
– Something about camera technique, lenses, digital, film, working place and instruments.

1. Demonstration of shooting process by Anka.
Travel to location, making of 1-2 stories from the real beginning. Participants look, help and learn.
2. Shooting practice by participants with help by Anka.
Everyone will get the chance to be advised and get assistance in ideas and their realization during the shooting.

Second day

1a. Portfolio review, explaining “goods and bads” of your work.
(only if participants want, they need to bring their own (self-made) favorite 3-10 photos on usb)
1b. Open review and selection of photos made by Anka during the first day for retouch prachtice.

2. Retouch practice
a) Technical requirements for working place
(monitor, tablet etc.)
b) Retouch theory
– Discussions about post-production in staged photography.
– Working with color using examples from paintings and cinema – how to be inspired by genius works from world know artists.
– Looking for your own style, and understanding of color in retouch.
с) Retouch practice
– All secrets from RAW conversion to final steps about making the photo suitable for social media: analysis of the photo, selection of the most important parts, technical retouch, crop, working with contrasts, depth, density, color, lights. Making faces more bright.
Faded colors, texturing, grain, adding of cinema or film effects on the photo.
– Working with color, color combinations, emotional part of the color, color perception by the viewer.
– Retouch of portraits: soft-retouch, detail extraction, freckles, shiny eyes.
– Questions can be asked anytime.

Date & Time

September 22 2018 13:00-18:00
September 23 2018 10:30-17:00


Studio Obscura Rotterdam




Both days:

till 13 augustus is 350 euro EARLYBIRD TICKET
from 14 augustus the participation fee will be 399 euro


Your place wil be reserved after the prepayment is done. Want more info? Write us a mail! info@cafeobscura.nl 

Extra information

You will receive certificate of your participation after the course.


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