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Only Day 2 | Dmitry Rogozhkin Workshop in The Netherlands | 27 May 2018


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We invite everyone to visit this fabulous workshop by Dmitry Rogozhkin in The Netherlands.

Be inspired by his work:
1. http://www.art-rogozhkin.com/
2. https://www.instagram.com/r7dii/

He participated in many national and international competitions:

♥ Gold in international competition Photographic Society of America Varna 2015
♥ 1st place in the All-Russian Festival of Contemporary Art Student art festival “genre portrait” 2015
♥ # 35AWARDS 100 best art photos of the 2015
♥ 500px Best of 2015: Top 10 Fine Art Photos
♥ Winner of the VII International Competition Youth Film Festival, photos and animations “Create-Mountain” in 2014
♥ In 2013. 2nd place in the I Festival of contemporary photographic art RT.

He is also:
♥ broncolorGenNEXT Ambassador
♥ 2nd place hipa

During his workshop you will have the opportunity to take pictures of unique ideas. After that Dmitry will tell you about picture processing from A to Z.


Second day

Treatment (description will be adjusted)


1. Inspiration, formation of taste.
2. Color.
3. Psychology of frame. How to process to emphasize idea and emotion.
4. The most important criteria in the photos.
5. Theory of composition.
6. Style of the author personality.
7. Client contract, model release.
8. Sales. 


1. Photo selection.
2.Processing. Individual and batch processing.
3. Work in Photoshop. Setting up workspace.
4. Start working. Composition search, framing options.
5. Working with characters and space.
6. Unnecessary items deletion, plastic (Liquify).
7. Volume / Contrast (several methods).
8. Areas of emphasis, vignetting.
9. Various methods of color correction and toning images.
10. Color compression avoiding.
11. Skin treatment. Combining different techniques to achieve natural look.
15. Using effects in frame.
16. Methods to improve image sharpness.
17. Prepare images for online publishing.
18. Action (Actions) applying for work speed up.
19. Questions section.

Date & Time

May 27th, 11.00- 18.00 retouch and theory day




Second day only:

  • till March 100 euro
  • in March 125 euro

Your place wil be reserved after the prepayment is done. Want more info? Write us a mail! info@cafeobscura.nl 

Extra information

You will receive certificate of your participation after the course.


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